The UN head requests that military operations at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant halt: Ukraine


The UN head requests that military operations at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant halt : Ukraine

Source: AUN News

Since March, the Russian military has been occupying Europe’s largest nuclear plant, and last week, an attack crippled the external power supply system.

In a statement, Mr. Guterres expressed his deep worry over the developing situation. He demanded that all military operations around the plant end immediately and not attack its buildings or environs.

Military personnel should leave.

The Secretary-General reiterated his request for all parties to “exercise common sense and reason” and refrain from taking any actions that jeopardize the plant’s structural soundness, safety, or security.

He stated, “Unfortunately, over the past several days, there have been reports of other deeply concerning episodes that, if they continue, could lead to calamity, rather than de-escalation.

“I strongly advise against sending any further soldiers or equipment to the plant and for all military personnel and equipment to leave immediately. Any military action must not utilize the facilities. To guarantee the area’s security, a quick technical agreement is required on a secure demilitarisation perimeter.

Assistance with IAEA mission

The Secretary-General emphasized the UN’s support for the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) vital work and initiatives to ensure the safe functioning of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant.

Additionally, he pleaded with the parties to grant the agency rapid, secure, and unrestricted access to the site.

“It must be understood that any potential harm to Zaporizhzhia or any other nuclear facility in Ukraine, or anywhere else, might have disastrous effects on the neighborhood, surrounding area, and bey. Unacceptableunacceptable.

Later on Thursday in New York, Rafael Mariano Grossi, the IAEA director general, will brief the UN Security Council. The ZaporizhzyaZaporizhzhya nuclear power plant crisis will be discussed, as well as his continued efforts to send a mission of experts there as soon as feasible.

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