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Civil Society

Civil Society
AUN News

How we help Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)

AUN News is committed to giving a voice to the voiceless and ensuring that all stakeholders are included in the policy-making process. We do this by amplifying the voices of deprived and marginalized groups so that those in power hear their concerns. This allows for more inclusive decision-making that considers the needs of all people, not just those with privilege. This helps civil society organizations (CSOs) achieve their goals, as they can better influence policy. AUN News is an essential ally for CSOs striving for social justice. Our work ensures CSOs can be more effective advocates, driving change at both the local and global levels. We also ensure that when no NGO is working on an issue, our news desk will find one who can provide insight or expertise.

Furthermore, we collaborate with NGOs to share ideas on how best to approach governments around the world about specific topics. Ultimately, our mission is to empower citizens through increased democracy and sustainable development participation. We achieve this by highlighting the excellent work of the CSOs, which in turn helps them to grow in size and capacity so that they can advocate for policies that improve the lives of everyone across sectors. At the same time, our content offers insights into these issues from various perspectives.

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