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Businesses and Enterprises
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How We Help Businesses and Enterprises

Businesses and enterprises are often some of the most influential but, in the majority, marginalized stakeholders in policy-making. They contribute so much to the system but seldom find their voices heard in the policy-making system. They can use their power and resources with Advocacy Unified Network and AUN News to overcome this problem.

AUN News allows businesses and enterprises to amplify the voices of the voiceless. We bring inclusivity to attain the SDGs by ensuring everyone has a seat at the table. We give businesses the tools they need to be agents of change. With AUN News, businesses and enterprises can make a real difference. For example, AUN News did stories on smallholder farmers in Ethiopia and how some enterprises and NGOs teach them how to grow coffee beans while preserving the environment sustainably. The farmers were able to increase their income by 20%!

The benefits don’t stop there. As this project continues, it will help create sustainable livelihoods for more than 400 people living near one of Ethiopia’s national parks!

Business entities are responsible for taking on projects like these to work together towards a better future.