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Policy Makers

Policy Makers
AUN News

How we Help Policy Makers

Policy-makers often make decisions that impact millions of people without ever hearing from those people directly. This can lead to policies that don’t reflect the needs or wants of regular citizens. AUN News provides a platform for those traditionally voiceless in the policy-making process to have their say. We amplify the voices of the deprived and marginalized stakeholders to bring inclusiveness to attain the SDGs. By doing so, we hope to help policy-makers make better, more informed decisions that will benefit everyone.

In addition, most lawmakers are also left out of the policy-making process. AUN News gives voice to those lawmakers also. We provide journalists with the knowledge they need to highlight marginalized groups’ issues and collaborate with civil society organizations to develop new solutions.

As contributors, the policy-makers can serve as advocates, raising awareness about various public policy issues through the media.

They can share their experiences on the topics, which comprises the focus categories of the Advocacy Unified Network:

  • International Trade & Commerce
  • International relations and politics
  • International & Regional co-operation mechanisms
  • Art and Culture
  • Conflict: causes, effects, regulations
  • Democracy and Civil rights
  • Environment laws and global concerns
  • Labour, Migration and Trafficking issues

They can report on legislative changes that may affect vulnerable populations.

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