Changing trends in media and the power of audio


Changing trends in media and the power of audio

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The world is changing, and so are its media trends. Audio content is the new king of content marketing, and its not just podcast on the rise. This exclusive article for Advocacy Unified Network will explain how audio is used as a form of media and explore the shift in consumption patterns towards this medium.

The power of audio has long been underestimated.

As you may have guessed, audio is a great way to connect with customers and create brand loyalty. So why do so many businesses overlook this powerful tool?

Audio is a great way to build brand awareness and community and increase sales. With so many people spending time listening to podcasts daily, marketers need to ensure their messages are heard in the best possible way. If done right, podcasts can help build brand awareness and communitybuilding efforts and increase sales by showing people what makes your business unique compared to competitors who lack the same quality assurance standards or customer service excellence as yours.

Audio is the new content marketing medium of choice

Audio is the latest content marketing medium of choice, and podcasts are its most effective form.

Audio has been around for quite some time, but only recently has it become a preferred medium for consumers to consume content. As more companies realize the power of audio, theyre beginning to incorporate it into their marketing strategy. Audio is now the most intimate form of content marketing; it offers an opportunity for you as a marketer or entrepreneur to connect with your audience in a personal way that written content simply cannot provide. Because audio can be consumed at any time and anywhere—from your desk at work or while commuting—its also very economical: no additional equipment is required (unless youre producing live shows). Finally, because people listen on their own terms, there are no access issues compared to other forms like video or text articles; anyone who wants can access audio files freely online through platforms like iTunes Radio or Spotify Premium Service.

Its not just a podcast that is on the rise. Audiobooks are also experiencing a growth spurt. Many people find audiobooks more convenient than traditional books since they can be listened to while doing other tasks, like exercising or driving. And its easier to multitask when listening than reading because you dont need to stop and re-read paragraphs if something is unclear.

Its not just a podcast that is on the rise.

The podcast industry is booming. In fact, according to the 2017 Nielsen Audio Today Podcast Consumer Study, almost half of Americans have listened to a podcast in the last month. This means podcasts are on the rise and are not just for your typical younger demographic anymore; theres an equal opportunity for everyone!

Podcasts are a great way to reach customers because people tend to listen while doing other things like driving or exercising. That makes it easy for you to get them involved with your brand without being overbearing or interrupting their day-to-day activities. As long as you have something exciting and valuable to say, podcasts can help grow your audience by reaching new markets while also diversifying what kind of content they consume from within those markets (think: different types of podcasts)

Since podcasts arent limited by geography and can reach many different audiences simultaneously, its essential to know how to create one that will appeal to everyone. This is an excellent opportunity for brands looking for new customers or markets because they have more options than ever before regarding reaching out with content.

Audio is hailed as the most effective form of content marketing

Imagine this: Youre scrolling through your Facebook feed and see a friend post about their new podcast, which is all about marketing. I should give it a listen! you think to yourself.

You click on the post link, head over to iTunes, and realize that the one episode they have posted has been listened to by only two people out of their 500 friends list. Thats when you start thinking, Hey…maybe my friends are just as interested in audio content marketing as everyone else! Shouldn’t there be some way I could reach them all at once? Maybe I could offer them something like this podcast but better, free and immediately….”

Thats where the idea for this article came from. The goal is to provide you with an easy way to reach an audience through audio content marketing that will get your message across and keep your listeners engaged. Its a simple enough concept: Provide something useful or entertaining (preferably both) in bite-sized chunks. People who like what they hear will be more inclined to subscribe.

So, what makes an audio format so appealing to the masses? Why does it have such appeal to marketers? Well, it’s because we’re dealing with a significantly more personal medium than text or video. The listener can hear your tone of voice—they get to know who you are as a person. They can listen in their car on the way to work, listen as they walk their dog, and listen while doing other things that would otherwise distract them from reading.

Media and sound are trending up in today’s world.

Sound is more powerful than ever. Audio’s increasing popularity means it has become the new content marketing medium of choice.

In 2019, audio and video combined accounted for 61% of all online media consumption. As display ad revenues continue declining and click-through rates (CTR) plummet, marketers are looking for fresh avenues to engage audiences. Audio offers unique opportunities as users can listen at their own pace and digest information in a way that suits them best. There’s no need for users to sit through long videos or scroll endlessly through written content when they could be listening instead!

In addition to its effectiveness as a marketing tool, audio-based pieces are more accessible than ever before—with on-demand platforms like Spreaker making it easy for anyone with an idea or story to share their voice with the world without any technical expertise required!

As visual content becomes increasingly popular and accessible across multiple channels, including social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, where users can easily share photos with friends without having any prior knowledge about how they were made or why they might want one themselves – listeners have responded positively towards its increased use because it feels less overwhelming than traditional visual media formats such as television ads which take up valuable time slots during prime viewing hours each day.”


The future of audio is bright. As the world becomes increasingly digital, were seeing an increase in demand for content that does not rely on visuals or written words to convey meaning. Audio is a medium that can be both highly effective and engaging, making it perfect for businesses looking to reach new audiences online. Audio will continue to generate the theatre of the mind for its consumers as the visuals are their own.

 Changing trends in media and the power of audio Source: AUN News

Author: Arpita Bhattacharya is a veteran broadcast professional for a decade and a half, content creator for many award-winning shows on radio and digital platforms, poet, blogger, music enthusiast, and an alumni of the prestigious Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), New Delhi where she did her post-graduation in Radio and TV Journalism (2007-08)

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