The Security Council requests stepping up efforts to extend the Yemen ceasefire


The Security Council requests stepping up efforts to extend the Yemen ceasefire

  • Reported by Francisca Oliveira
  • AUN News – ISSN: 2949-8090

New York: Members of the council emphasised the practical advantages of the six-month-old deal between the government and Houthi rebels.

One of them is a 60% decrease in casualties.

Additionally, the amount of fuel passing through the vital Huydadah port has increased fourfold, and commercial flights out of Sana’a, the country’s capital, have made it possible for 21,000 individuals to obtain medical care and reunite with their relatives.

Encourage flexibility

The historic ceasefire was first declared to last for two months in April.

The longest stretch of relative peace in Yemen in more than seven years of war began in June when it was extended for an additional two months. It was then extended once more in August.

The Council urged the parties to “urgently step up and be flexible in the UN-sponsored negotiations to reach an agreement on an enlarged truce that might be transformed into a long-lasting ceasefire.”

The parties were advised to refrain from conditionality and work on putting policies in place to address the economic and financial challenges in addition to stepping up their interaction with UN Special Envoy Hans Grundberg.

Praise for “exceptional measures”

According to a statement from the Security Council, “the members of the Security Council welcomed the exceptional measures taken by the Government of Yemen to prevent fuel shortages in the Houthi-controlled areas following a Houthi order that affected the established procedure for clearing fuel ships.”

They urged the Houthis to desist from similar behaviour in the future and to join UN-led efforts to find a long-lasting fix to maintain the flow of petroleum.

No military response

All attacks that pose a threat to the ceasefire have been denounced by the Council, including a fatal Houthi offensive in Taiz late last month. Members reiterated the fact that Yemen cannot be solved militarily and denounced the most recent military demonstration in Hudaydah.

They expressed worry over the ongoing instability in the south, the rise in landmine casualties among civilians, and the stagnation of efforts to open Taz’s roads in accordance with UN recommendations. Regarding the latter, they once more demanded that the Houthis “act with flexibility” in talks and swiftly reopen the important Taz highways.

The Council emphasised its resolve that an enlarged truce agreement will present a chance to pursue an inclusive, all-encompassing political settlement and restated its support for the UN Special Envoy. They emphasised the value of women participating fully, equally, and meaningfully in the peace process.

Environmental and humanitarian concerns

Regarding the ongoing threat of hunger and the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen, the Council urged donors to fully fund the UN response plan and aid the government’s efforts to restore economic stability.

Members once again expressed their grave worry with the unsafe oil tanker Safer’s potential to have devastating ecological, marine, and humanitarian effects.

The ship has been anchored just a few kilometres off the coast of Yemen for more than 30 years, but upkeep and unloading ceased in 2015 when the war broke out.

Members of the council applauded nations and business for their commitments to a UN plan to move the oil aboard the tanker to a temporary vessel.

To avoid a catastrophe, they demanded that the commitments be distributed and that financing be raised.

Analysis by: Advocacy Unified Network

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