Syria’s humanitarian coordinator returns from his trip to the northeast


Syria's humanitarian coordinator returns from his trip to the northeast

Source: AUN News

From drinking water to irrigation, food production, and power generation, the area is experiencing a severe water crisis affecting people’s health and way of life.

Like most IDP camps in Syria, the Areesha camp in Al-Hasakeh has several pressing requirements, including fuel, children’s clothing, and illumination. We must prioritize the most urgent needs and use available resources more efficiently. It is vital to find ways to help IDPs go home.

He emphasized the UN’s commitment to address the problem thoroughly and work with all parties involved to find short- and long-term solutions.

Break the poverty cycle

To discuss humanitarian issues and the best ways to address them, Mr. Riza met with the Governor of Al Hasakeh, Dr. Louay Sayyouh. He visited numerous projects in the governorates of Al Hasakeh and Ar-Raqqa.

The top official also went to several IDP camps, including Mahmoudli in Ar-Raqqa and Areesha camp in Al Hasakeh, where women and children make up more than 80% of the population.

He discussed the experiences, goals, and needs of the locals.

“It is obvious to me that the path of early recovery and resilience we are following is the right one after visiting and speaking with populations both within and outside the camps. Families won’t be able to overcome the cycle of poverty and crises and live their lives in dignity without consistent access to services and livelihoods, he warned.

Violence and remittance

Mr. Riza talked about the difficulties faced by the people living in the Al Hol and Ar Roj camps and the government of Iraq’s efforts to repatriate citizens there, particularly those with medical needs and those in vulnerable situations.

In addition to pushing for action to promote the return of displaced Syrians, he urged nations with citizens living in these camps to urgently identify mechanisms to repatriate those who choose to do so.

Concerning the rising levels of violence among campers at Al Hol, Mr. Riza raised his worries. This year has already seen at least 26 homicides, three of which occurred this week. Women made up twenty of the victims.

In the camp, criminal activity, gender-based violence, and assaults on aid workers are all frequent occurrences. The humanitarian sector has created a plan to deal with these issues, but it is now $45 million underfunded.

Military activity has increased.

Mr. Riza also raised concern over the recent uptick in military operations in the north, including drone strikes and shelling, which has led to civilian casualties against an already worrisome backdrop.

These actions have already increased tension and provoked some movements; if they continue, more people will be displaced.

Mr. Riza emphasized that a political solution and enhanced humanitarian assistance are needed, not additional military operations, and reminded all parties of their obligations under international humanitarian law. He also urged them to take all necessary precautions to prevent further conflicts.

The Humanitarian Coordinator and his group were also escorted to initiatives assisting women and children while in the area, including a vaccination Centre in Raqqa city. They also went to health facilities and kid-friendly mine awareness events at several IDP camps.

Analysis by: Advocacy Unified Network

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