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Russian deployment of chemical weapons in Ukraine has the U.S. worried

  • news by AUN News correspondent
  • Thursday, November 24, 2022
  • AUN News – ISSN: 2949-8090


Russia has been linked to using the nerve toxin Novichok in poisoning Russian journalist Alexei Navalny. U.S. officials believe Russia may turn to unconventional warfare if it continues to lose momentum. The U.S. tried to follow Russian chemical weapons users after the Skripal poisoning. Experts say it’s getting harder to track down pharmaceutical-based substances and learn how they’re made. Russia has also been linked to Syria’s use of chemical weapons.

U.S. officials do not anticipate a nuclear or chemical assault on Ukraine. They predict that fighting will slow down in the winter and that neither side will make significant progress. They plan to fight hard to take back land on the east side of the Dnieper River.


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