Over 50,000 youngsters in Odesa receive supplies that will save their lives thanks to UNICEF


Over 50,000 youngsters in Odesa receive supplies that will save their lives thanks to UNICEF

Source : AUN News

UNICEF was able to enter the southern Ukrainian city using a total of 27 cargo trucks and pre-position hygiene and sanitation supplies, water purification equipment, and other supplies to stop illness caused by a lack of clean water and sanitation, which is a severe threat to vulnerable families caught up in conflict.

According to UNICEF, the filters and chemicals included in the assistance delivery and hygiene kits that should keep about 14,000 children healthy will benefit about 110,000 people.

Response of Rapid

To immediately assist the most vulnerable families impacted by the ongoing conflict and shelling in eastern Ukraine, UNICEF is providing life-saving supplies to crucial places like Odesa and the surrounding area, according to UNICEF Ukraine Representative Murat Sahin.

An estimated 50,000 youngsters will benefit from providing hygiene kits and safe water supplies under these challenging conditions.

These supplies will be sent to nearby battle areas, including Mykolaiv, which has recently been the target of intense shelling, and Odesa city.

Assisting the Displaced

The supplies will also help the families and children who have been internally displaced, many of whom have migrated to Odesa from areas affected by the fighting.

It will depend on being able to ship cereals out of Odesa’s main port, which has been threatened since Russia invaded Ukraine in February and the mining of waterways surrounding the coastal city for the UN-mediated agreement last Friday that allows Ukraine to resume exporting grain to markets in the developing world.

Compared to Mariupol, which was nearly destroyed farther to the east, the city has so far escaped with minor damage. But on Saturday, Russia fired cruise missiles at targets in Odesa port, which was acknowledged on Sunday through a representative for the foreign ministry.

More funding for places under government control

Fifty tonnes of humanitarian aid, initially intended for another hard-hit area, have been sent to the badly stricken Government-controlled village of Stepnohirsk amid persisting optimism that the first shipments of stranded grain will reach Ukraine’s Black Sea ports within days.

Since the beginning of the war, the UN and its humanitarian allies have been unable to provide aid to areas not under government control because of the ongoing fighting.

According to a Monday night statement from UN humanitarians in Ukraine, the policy town, in this case, could not be reached.

Medicine, food, blankets, and supplies for children were brought to Stepnohirsk and will also be provided to the nearby town of Prymorske, according to Osnat Lubrani, the Humanitarian Coordinator for Ukraine.

The goods delivered will be used to help about 5,000 people who are in immediate need.

Analysis by : Advocacy Unified Network

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