More than 340,000 people in Chad are impacted by unprecedented flooding


More than 340,000 people in Chad are impacted by unprecedented flooding

Source: AUN News

While unprecedented rains have threatened food security and livelihoods over the past month, swollen floods have damaged roughly 2,700 hectares of crops, farmed land, and hundreds of homes.

Gathering data

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) assists national and humanitarian efforts to deal with the crisis and give immediate aid to those most severely affected.

Through its Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM), the agency collaborates with local actors and authorities to create and implement a flood data gathering system to track the volume of victims—including those who were displaced—and the extent of the inundation.

According to Yakin Mwanza of the IOM, the DTM Coordinator in Chad, “the data collected will include information on the impacts of the flood on populations and key infrastructures such as houses, schools, and health centres, as well as information on affected populations’ profiles and primary needs, to better inform the humanitarian response.”

Extraordinary rainfall

IOM claims that while some areas of Chad see severe rain every year, the precipitation in 2022 is exceptional.

Extreme weather patterns show how climate change is negatively affecting the area.

They are characterised by more frequent storms and greater unpredictability, which intensify flash floods and have disastrous effects on communities, particularly in rural regions.

We anticipate that additional people may be relocated as the rains continue – IOM official.

Limited resources

Despite the severity of the situation, there are still insufficient funds to provide the most vulnerable people with shelter, food, and non-food necessities.

The IOM Chad Mission Chief Anne Kathrin Schaefer stated that although the rainy season doesn’t end until October, the humanitarian situation that is currently taking place is already dire.

We anticipate that more people will be forced to flee their homes when the rains continue, but all humanitarian actors are already out of emergency supplies to help those in need.

As of this month, only 33% of the money needed for Chad’s humanitarian needs in 2022 has been given to local aid workers.

The Chadian government and the humanitarian sector have launched a joint flash appeal for $5.2 million to help those affected by the floods with shelter, food, and other necessities.

Analysis: Advocacy Unified Network

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