Explaining the Fake Electors Scheme


Explaining the Fake Electors Scheme

Source : AUN News

The Trump strategy started with an attempt to persuade Republican leaders in the states that were to be targeted — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — to contribute to the creation of, or to sign off on, documents that declared Mr. Trump, the winner.

Rudolph W. Giuliani and John Eastman, two of Mr. Trump’s attorneys, sometimes directly spoke with state representatives during this effort. Other attorneys who practiced law in the states in question also dealt with Mr. Giuliani, Mr. Eastman, or Mr. Trump’s campaign staff members.

They claimed that the “alternative” slates of electors were necessary to prepare for the possibility that Mr. Biden’s victories in those states would be challenged once they could prove their allegations of widespread voter fraud and other problems.

However, as Mr. Trump had been informed by his campaign staff and subsequently even by his attorney general, there were no valid allegations of fraud sufficient to alter the result of the contest. On December 14, 2020, all seven states recognized Mr. Biden’s Electoral College victory. Nevertheless, Mr. Trump and his backers pressed ahead with the electors’ plan, concentrating more and more on how to scuttle the transfer of power by exploiting the formal congressional certification procedure on Jan. 6.

Many of Mr. Trump’s allies in the states ultimately signed fictitious slates of electors, and the majority were adamant that Mr. Trump had won. However, local officials in Pennsylvania and New Mexico added a disclaimer to the documents, stating that they should only be taken into consideration if Mr. Trump won the several legal battles he and his associates had launched to challenge the election and was declared the winner.

Once the phony pro-Trump slates were established, Mr. Trump and his allies moved on to the second phase of their strategy: forcing Mr. Pence to consider them on Jan. 6 during the joint Congress session. The goal was to convince Mr. Pence to claim that the election was tainted or uncertain in some way.

Analysis by : Advocacy Unified Network


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