In his speech to Democratic activists, Biden leaned in favour of abortion rights


In his speech to Democratic activists, Biden leaned in favour of abortion rights

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Election analysts claim that the abortion debate in the special elections has already resulted in a surge of women registering to vote and a higher turnout. Democrats are hoping that public outrage at the Dobbs decision, which struck down Roe v. Wade, would help them overcome the challenges posed by high inflation and a pessimistic outlook for the future.

As he continues to polish a midterm campaign stump speech consisting of increasingly scathing jabs at the GOP, Biden made his statements about abortion. On Thursday, Obama criticised a Republican legislator for voting against his plans on various issues, including health care and infrastructure initiatives like roads and bridges, only to go home and praise Democratic achievements to the public.

“I observe them saying, “And now we’ll construct this new bridge here. We all support it. Additionally, this new road’…” Biden made fun. “Man, I adore them. They don’t possess any shame.

He nevertheless persisted in making a line between “radical MAGA Republicans,” who he claimed “embrace political violence,” and mainstream moderate Republicans.

Regarding the latter group, Biden observed, “There are still a few of them.”

Regarding abortion, Biden stated that it is illegal after six weeks of pregnancy in 14 states, sometimes with no exceptions for rape or incest. The president cautioned that another 13 states might soon do the same.

If we lose this election in a non-election year, more than half of America will have prohibited abortion. And they won’t stop there,” he added, implying that if Republicans gained control of the House and Senate, they would try to enact a federal prohibition.

Republicans have lobbied for such a ban, notably former Vice President Mike Pence.

“If they got their way, they’d attack the fundamental right to privacy, marital equality, and contraception. We cannot for that to occur either, continued Biden. Democrats “won’t permit it to occur.”

Analysis by: Advocacy Unified Network


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