The Final Decades of American Dominance


The Final Decades of American Dominance

Source: AUN News

I don’t find it odd that Joe Biden, our oldest president at 79 (almost 80), is considering running for office again in 2024. Who wouldn’t want to go down in history, after all? He would hold the White House until he was 86 if he were to win the election and defeat the similarly aged Donald Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, or even Fox News’ enduringly popular Tucker Carlson.

Don’t you think that would be ideal in its own right? The more drastically, the better what could fit a declining America better than a declining president.

Maybe it wasn’t because Joe Biden was a senile older man, despite the Republican National Committee’s tape on the subject, that he needed to be led to the red carpet in Israel. Still…

Deterioration turns into

I mean, I understand. I do. After all, I’m just a year and four months older than Joe Biden in terms of aging than he is, having just turned 78. Whatever the White House spokespeople say, deterioration becomes second nature to you once you get anywhere near your age. If someone brings up a movie I saw or book I read years ago (or was it last month?) and I can’t remember a single thing about it, I’m right there with Joe on that carpet. Joe is included in the group of those of you who are of a particular age, so welcome!

Living through the decline of my nation—the once-“single superpower” on Earth—during the years of my decline is weird, if not creepy (even though Fox News isn’t picking on me). The decline-and-fall narrative in the history I remember seems uncannily familiar given the stuff I’m now forgetting. All I can say is: Welcome to an increasingly worse version of the past (just in case you’re too young to have seen it), as Joe and his top officials attempt to live life to the fullest by trying to recreate a Cold War that has been over for three decades.

The appearance of people

Tell me that decline hasn’t been one of the most fundamental historical narratives since the extinction of the Neanderthals and the appearance of humans. Every child is aware that whatever goes up must come down. I don’t even have to finish that sentence, whatever your age, do I? When viewed in a particular light, decline and fall are the second-oldest stories in existence, behind the rise and… whatever you want to call it.


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