The committee hears that the National Veld and Forest Fire Amendment Bill needs a clause on finances


The committee hears that the National Veld and Forest Fire Amendment Bill needs a clause on finances

Source: AUN News

In its current form, the bill suggests that only the property owner—including state-owned businesses, public bodies, and state organs—join a registered FPA in the region where the property is located. It also suggests that this take place within a year of the President’s signing it into law.

Most locals in the Mopani District expressed their displeasure with those who throw away dirty diapers in the forest, claiming that this behaviour pollutes the environment and has a detrimental effect on the ecosystem.

The committee heard from the Vhembe District that the Bill is good in its current form because it aims to revive a custom from the past in which traditional leaders collaborated with rangers to make individuals responsible for starting veld fires accountable.

After finishing its three-day public hearings programme in Limpopo, the committee will move on to Gauteng in the coming two weeks.

Faith Muthambi, the committee chairperson, stated that the committee could not respond to public comments until all nine provinces had held public hearings.

As stated by Ms Muthambi, “We are currently concentrating on obtaining and compiling information from members of the public and, when we are done, we will sit as the committee to review and deliberate on all the contributions.

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