SoftBank expects to gain $34 billion by reducing its stake in Alibaba


SoftBank expects to gain $34 billion by reducing its stake in Alibaba

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Group Holding Ltd. estimates that the settlement of financial contracts will increase pretax income in the current quarter by $34 billion.

The Japanese technology investment firm stated that its stake in Alibaba is predicted to drop to 14.6% due to the changes. 30 June: The shareholding was 23.7%.

Alibaba’s status as an equity method affiliate of the company is set to end, which will alter how Alibaba’s profits are recorded on SoftBank’s records. SoftBank promised to keep up its positive ties with Alibaba. After suffering significant losses on investments in technology businesses, SoftBank has been raising money by selling off its assets. The company announced Monday that it suffered a $23 billion loss during the April–June quarter, primarily due to bad investments.

Investment process

The actions are related to agreements SoftBank has had with financial institutions recently, under which it raises money by selling shares of Alibaba. According to SoftBank, it can satisfy the contracts later by making a cash payment or releasing its hold on the shares of Alibaba. It claimed that the stake decreased due to its choice to adopt physical settlement, also known as the latter technique, to settle up to 242 million of Alibaba’s American depositary receipts.

SoftBank says the physical settlement will add around 4.6 trillion yen, or $34 billion, to pretax revenues. At its height, more than half of SoftBank’s assets were owned by Alibaba. However, Alibaba’s importance to SoftBank diminished after the stock price fell precipitously due to China’s crackdown on its technology companies. According to information released this week by SoftBank, the Alibaba holding made up about one-fifth of the company’s net asset value as of June 30.

The founder and CEO of SoftBank

Son Masayoshi

A long-time member of the board and co-founder of Alibaba

John Ma

She served on the board of SoftBank. They left those positions two years ago.

American investors’ favorite Chinese tech equities have fallen due to the nation’s regulatory crackdown on technology companies. Some of the new dangers investors now face when WSJ explains purchasing shares of businesses like Didi or Tencent.

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