Six months of “senseless fighting” have passed in Ukraine, and Guterres emphasizes the need for peace


Six months of "senseless fighting" have passed in Ukraine, and Guterres emphasizes the need for peace

Source: AUN News

Mr. Guterres congratulated the people of Ukraine on reaching the “sad and tragic milestone” on the occasion of the nation’s 31st anniversary of independence.

“Peace is needed now by the people of Ukraine and beyond,” he declared. Following the UN Charter, there is peace. According to international law, there is peace.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, took part in the meeting by videoconference, albeit at times, the feed was hazy. He said that the world depends on the independence of his nation.

Grain deal progress

Since Russia’s invasion on February 24th, tens of thousands of people have been killed or injured, the need for humanitarian aid has increased, and there have been countless reports of human rights abuses and violations. As a result of the war, millions of people continue to suffer global food, fertilizer, and fuel crises.

The Secretary-General updated his recent trip to Ukraine to follow up on the historic agreement to reintroduce Ukrainian grain to international markets.

He informed the ambassadors, “I can report to the Council that the Black Sea Grain Initiative, signed in Istanbul in July, is progressing well. So far, dozens of ships are sailing into and out of Ukrainian ports with over 720,000 metric tons of grains and other food supplies.

Despite emphasizing the work needed to be done, he said that the Initiative, signed by Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, and the UN, is “a tremendous illustration of what can be achieved, in even the most destructive of settings, when we put people first.”

“The other component of this package deal is the free access of Russian food and fertilizer to international markets, which are not subject to sanctions. All governments and the commercial sector must work together to get them on the market.

Nuclear threat

The head of the UN emphasized his ongoing concern for the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant situation, which has recently been the target of heavy shelling.

He said, “The caution lights are flashing.” “Any actions that may jeopardize the nuclear plant’s physical integrity, safety, or security are wholly unacceptable. Self-destruction can result from any further escalation of the scenario.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) dispatching a mission to the plant, Europe’s largest nuclear facility, has received support, which Mr. Guterres has appreciated.

Meanwhile, efforts are being made to send a recently formed fact-finding mission to Olenivka, where a blast at a detention facility in late July claimed the lives of over 50 Ukrainian prisoners of war.

Concern for war captives

The armed conflict remains the subject of reports of violations and abuses by UN human rights authorities.

They include the purposeful killings of hundreds of civilians in Kyiv, Chernihiv, and Sumy regions under Russian control in February and March. They include arbitrary arrests, forced disappearances, detentions without cause, and forced disappearances.

UN Political Affairs Chief Rosemary DiCarlo expressed worry over the state of prisoners of war on both sides while describing the effects of the war on the nation.

According to rumors, the Russian Federation and linked armed groups in Donetsk intend to Ukrainian trial prisoners of war in a purported “international tribunal” in Mariupol. This worries the United States, she added.

“Any tribunal must adhere to the rights to a fair trial and other protections provided by international law for all prisoners of war. A war crime could be committed if specific requirements are not upheld.

Global divisions are getting worse.

In addition to the devastating human and material costs in Ukraine and the repercussions in other areas, Ms. DiCarlo claimed that the war had different effects.

The war, according to her, “is eroding the underpinnings of our international order by escalating suspicion in our institutions and widening global differences.”

“It is terrifying to think about what might happen if the way the world handles issues of security and peace broke down. This war affects all of us and is not just foolish but also extremely hazardous. It has to end.

Analysis by: Advocacy Unified Network

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