Prepare for the “woke” wars as the House GOP takes on the Pentagon


Prepare for the "woke" wars as the House GOP takes on the Pentagon

  • news by AUN News correspondent
  • Saturday, November 19, 2022
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  • “Republicans want to use their majority to try and weaken the administration’s requirement that service people receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

  • Next year, Republicans will probably try to use defense legislation to stop a new Pentagon policy that will pay for troops’ travel costs to get abortions because they believe it politicizes the service.

  • Afghanistan litigation in addition to personnel policies, Republicans have pledged to focus more attention on the Biden administration’s management of the disorganized American withdrawal from Afghanistan.

  • This set the stage for a full-scale investigation once Republicans take control of Congress in January.

  • But several committees, including the Armed Services, Intelligence, and Oversight and Reform panels, are likely to look into the withdrawal from Afghanistan and its effects.

Republicans use the word “wokeism” to describe a long list of complaints about Defense Department policies that come from Fox News. These complaints include vaccine mandates, efforts to get rid of extremism, and efforts to make the ranks more diverse. Still, he didn’t mention any particular issue. The military is shown to be too busy with all of these things, which keeps it from being able to fight China.

The Department of Defense has defended its policy by saying that diversity and awareness programs improve the force, increase the number of possible recruits when the military is having trouble getting people to join, and don’t affect a unit’s ability to defend the country.

The Republican Party has long complained about these difficulties. The culture wars are not their primary concern. For the past two years, conservatives and Pentagon officials have engaged in Twitter-ready conversations during hearings held for another reason, usually the budget. The Republicans haven’t been able to significantly alter how the Defense Department treats its troops because of their minority status.

All of that will change on January 3, when those same Republicans have the authority to schedule their hearings on subjects of their choosing, pass legislation, and prioritise their issues.

The administration is pushing “a progressive, socially driven agenda that is being forced on the military,” claimed Rep. Michael Waltz (R-Fla.), a House Armed Services Committee member who has worked to get critical race theory banned from service academies.

In an interview, Waltz spoke to the Biden administration by saying, “They’ve gone down this path.” But we will legislate it and offer oversight, so that is true.

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