Guterres cautions that the Sahel security issue “poses a global threat”


Guterres cautions that the Sahel security issue "poses a global threat"

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Summary: UN Secretary-General António Guterres has called for urgent action to stop the “catastrophic humanitarian situation” in West and Central Africa. He stated that human rights crimes, sometimes committed by security forces, are “of significant concern” as they disproportionately affect women and children. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for an end to the “profound injustice” in international financial and economic relations. He urged Sahel countries to promote democratic governance and restore constitutional order. The UN is ready to work with them for a peaceful, stable, prosperous Sahel.

According to Secretary-General António Guterres, “if nothing is done, the impacts of terrorism, violent extremism, and organised crime would be felt well beyond the region and the African continent.”

“We desperately require a concerted international breakthrough.

We need to reevaluate how we work together and be more inventive than before.

According to him, the unrest exacerbates an already “catastrophic humanitarian situation” by denying some beleaguered national governments access to their citizens.

Tightening into a “death grip”

Non-State armed organisations are also attempting to expand their influence into the Gulf of Guinea countries while tightening their lethal hold on the region.

Millions of people are displaced from their homes due to the indiscriminate use of violence by terrorists and other groups, Mr Guterres stated at the gathering of national leaders during the High-Level Week conference.

He stated that human rights crimes, sometimes committed by security forces tasked with protecting civilians, are “of significant concern,” as they disproportionately affect women and children who are already experiencing insecurity, violence, and expanding inequality.

Climate variable

According to the UN head, climate change further aggravates the crises by causing soil erosion and water sources to dry up, “thereby contributing to acute food shortages and escalating tensions between farmers and herders.”

“The region is threatened by a systemic debt crisis expected to have consequences throughout the continent, against a backdrop of global turbulence on the energy, food, and financial markets.”

The UN president stated simply that the traditional international financial treatments are ineffective since more and more nations are being compelled to divert their reserves into debt repayment, which prevents them from pursuing inclusive recovery or building resilience.

“The game rules for global financial reports need to be changed immediately. According to Mr Guterres, “with debt problems, liquidity problems, inflation problems, and instability necessarily posed by this profound injustice in international financial and economic relations, these rules of the game are today entirely against the interests of developing countries, and in particular the interests of African countries.

Democracy and the rule of law

The UN chief urged a “renewal of our collaborative efforts to promote democratic governance and restore constitutional order” throughout the Sahel, a band beneath the Sahara that spans up to 1,000 kilometres from Senegal in the west to northern Eritrea and Ethiopia in the east.

To guarantee security and sustainable development, the rule of law and utmost regard for human rights are essential, according to Mr Guterres.

He said the UN “stands ready to work alongside you, with urgency and solidarity, for a peaceful, stable, and prosperous Sahel,” speaking to country leaders and top lawmakers from the area.

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