Falsifying the Holocaust to Promote the Global Arms Trade


The official story of the state’s rescue has been seriously questioned by recent study on the war and the Holocaust in Bulgaria: It demonstrates that the Bulgarian state actively pursued the forced expulsion of Jews from Bulgaria during World War II; that the mass arrest, looting, and deportation of approximately 12,000 Jews from Bulgarian-occupied western Thrace and eastern Macedonia to Nazi death camps in March 1943, where the vast majority of them perished; as well as the fact that the practise of forcing Jewish males to enlist in the army’s labour battalions really started prior to the Nazi “final solution” and was a part of a scheme to leave Jews economically destroyed, socially ostracised, and without a future in the nation. Therefore, it was not surprising that by the early 1950s, about 40,000 of the 48,000 Jews who had survived the war in Bulgaria had departed the nation, largely for British Mandate Palestine (which became Israel after May 1948). In conclusion, Nedialkov’s book and the Bulgarian state narrative about the liberation of Jews during World War II both distort the truth about the Holocaust.

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