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Therefore, it has been outrageous to see some of the most politically active American Jews, including AIPAC and its allies, engage in actions that essentially weaken our democracy by supporting candidates who are opposed to democratic laws and norms, spending an unlimited amount of money to overwhelm unaligned candidates, and attempting to restrict free speech if it is critical of Israel.

Starting with the issue of limitless spending

The question of Jewish political donations is contentious. On the one hand, it is one of the most significant ways Jews in the United States influence public policy and election results. Political campaign donations and other forms of civic engagement are beneficial. However, claims that Jews have financial influence over important institutions in domestic and international affairs are a potent anti-Semitic stereotype that has historically resulted in violent scapegoating. Too many individuals think Jews are in charge behind the scenes and cite significant political donations as proof of unjustified influence.

This brings us full circle to AIPAC. After claiming for years that it was a bipartisan group with a concentration on lobbying Congress and the White House and no interest in interfering in elections, AIPAC decided to do so. It’s reasonable that AIPAC would breach a barrier that once seemed inviolable, given the shift in public sentiment and political opposition to the group’s backing of Israel’s policies.

Present problem

First, it established the AIPAC PAC to raise funds for candidates. Then, it launched a super PAC with the misleading moniker United Democracy Project (UDP), a prime example of doublespeak. Major Republican donors are among those who have donated at least $1 million to UDP.


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