African Members of Parliament Are Dedicated to Population and Development


African Members of Parliament Are Dedicated to Population and Development

  • news by AUN News correspondent
  • Saturday, January 07, 2023
  • AUN News – ISSN: 2949-8090


  • Many MPs have pledged their support for family life education and teenage reproductive health and rights.

  • IPS: The maternal mortality rate in Ghana is declining.

  • A non-governmental organisation called the Asian Population and Development Association (APDA) was founded in Japan to tackle the problems brought on by population and development-related issues.

  • It acts as the JPFP’s secretariat and concentrates on the function of Japanese MPs and their counterparts in Asia, Africa, the Arab world, and other regions.

  • Under the ICPD 25 subject areas, APDA frequently hosts conferences across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Regular conferences hosted by APDA bring together legislators from Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe to discuss important demographic and development issues, focusing on young employment and other ICPD25-related concerns. While her daughter Giovana plays beneath the desk in this photo taken at the National Vocational Technical Institute training facility, Bridget Bedu is taking a test in computational electronics. Source: IMF Andrew Caballero-Reynolds, the photographer, even though the country’s Constitution prohibits child marriage and the Children’s Act, many Ghanian Members of Parliament (MPs) support adolescent reproductive health rights, according to Dr. Rashid Pelpuo (MP), who spoke exclusively to IPS.

In addition, Pelpuo, the president of the African Parliamentarians Forum on Population and Development, claimed that it was now “normal practise” for lawmakers to support young people and “lead discussions on family planning and adolescent reproductive health at youth sensitization programmes.”

He told IPS. “Our shared interest in, commitment to, and existing cooperation on population and development issues like sexual and reproductive health and rights, including family planning and HIV/AIDS,” the presidents of the Pan African Parliament (PAP) and the African Parliamentarians Forum on Population and Development (APPFD) acknowledge. A memorandum of understanding, including this pledge, is anticipated to be signed in 2023.


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