According to the UN mission in Iraq, eight people were killed in an attack in Duhok


The deadly attack in Zakho district took place near the Turkish border.

In news reports, Iraqi State media claimed Turkish forces were responsible for the shelling – a claim the Turkish government refuted.

According to the Kurdish health minister, among the dead was a one-year-old who died before reaching a hospital.

In its condolences to the victims’ families, UNAMI wished the injured a speedy recovery.

Another round of suffering for civilians

“Civilians are once again suffering the indiscriminate effects of explosive weapons. Under international law, attacks must not be directed at the civilian population”, said the UNAMI statement.

“UNAMI, therefore, calls for a thorough investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding the attack and emphasizes that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Iraq must be respected at all times.”

Ankara is engaged in counter-terrorism operations against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants and the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia, which are considered terrorist organizations by Ankara. During the mid-1980s, the PKK began military actions against Turkey.

Are we in the midst of a new normal?

According to UNAMI, UN Special Representative in Iraq Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert warned the Security Council in May of the dangers of rising violence.

In her remarks to ambassadors, she said, “What are we looking at? Shelling and missiles as the new normal for Iraq? This is very risky, as it weakens the State of Iraq even more.”

All parties engaged in military operations in the region are urged to cease any violations against civilians immediately.


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