Venezuelan migrants risk their lives to travel 5,000 miles on foot while suffering from hypothermia and dehydration


Venezuelan migrants risk  their lives to travel 5,000 miles on foot while suffering from hypothermia and dehydration

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The Plight of Venezuelan Migrants on their Journey to Chile

Challenging Weather and Dangerous Routes Test the Resilience of Venezuelan Families

Intriguing Introduction: In their quest for a better life, Venezuelan migrants face daunting challenges as they journey to Chile. The frigid weather, treacherous terrain, and the threat of criminal organizations make their path perilous. We delve into the experiences of families like Jhonny’s, who endure hardships and strive to provide for their loved ones. This article sheds light on the arduous journey undertaken by Venezuelan migrants and the need for humanitarian assistance along the way.

A Treacherous Trek through Multiple Borders

A Grueling Two-Month Journey Tests the Resilience of Venezuelan Families

The Challenging Journey: Jhonny and his pregnant wife Cribsel embarked on a gruelling 5,000-kilometer journey, crossing five borders on foot. They encountered hazardous criminal organizations and navigated through unfamiliar territories. The aridity and freezing temperatures posed immense difficulties, leaving them ill-prepared for the frigid weather. Their story reflects the struggles faced by many Venezuelan migrants seeking a better future.

Crossing the Final Obstacle: The Atacama Desert

The Atacama Desert Presents a Formidable Challenge for Venezuelans Heading to Chile

The Perils of the Atacama Desert: As Venezuelan migrants approach Chile, the Atacama Desert becomes their ultimate test. With temperatures plummeting below minus 10 degrees Celsius and altitudes exceeding 3,700 meters, this inhospitable terrain takes a toll on their health and well-being. Many migrants resort to irregular routes, exposing themselves to dangers such as robberies and exploitation by criminal gangs. The harsh weather conditions have tragically claimed lives and further highlight the need for support and assistance.

Seeking Humanitarian Aid and a New Beginning

Hope and Relief Await Venezuelan Migrants at the Chilean Border

Receiving Much-Needed Assistance: Upon crossing the shared border with Bolivia, Jhonny’s family, along with other migrants, find respite in humanitarian aid provided near the Chilean town of Coltrane. Dehydrated, malnourished, and suffering from altitude sickness and hypothermia, they are grateful for the support offered by organizations and the indigenous communities. These migrants arrive with a determination to contribute positively to their new home and dispel misconceptions about Venezuelans.

Struggles on the Streets: Homelessness and Extreme Weather

Venezuelan Families Battle Extreme Weather and Homelessness in Chile

The Harsh Reality of Street Life: Francisco’s family endures months of living on the streets in Iquique, enduring freezing temperatures that starkly contrast with their tropical homeland. Lack of proper shelter and resources forces them to huddle together for warmth under icy blankets. Their situation underscores the urgent need for transitional shelters and support systems to alleviate the suffering of Venezuelan migrants.

Hope and Assistance for Vulnerable Families

International Organizations Step in to Aid Venezuelan Migrants

Providing Humanitarian Aid: International organizations like the International Organization for Migration (IOM) play a crucial role in assisting vulnerable Venezuelan families. Cash vouchers offer relief by enabling migrants to purchase food, warm clothes, and hygiene supplies. The provision of transitional shelters offers temporary respite and protection for those who would otherwise be left exposed to the elements. The efforts of these organizations provide hope and stability to families like Maria, who recently gave birth and now have access to a safe living space.

The Desire to Rebuild and Contribute

Venezuelan Migrants Strive for Stability and a Sense of Belonging

Rebuilding Lives and Pursuing Dreams: Janeth Perez, a former math and physics teacher in Venezuela, embarked on an arduous journey to Chile, leaving her cherished home and career behind. Her determination to reunite with her sister and start anew drives her forward. Janeth, like many others, yearns for legal status, recognition of her college degree, and the opportunity to pursue her passion for teaching. Despite the hardships, the resilient spirit of Venezuelan migrants fuels their aspirations for a brighter future.


The journey undertaken by Venezuelan migrants to reach Chile is one of tremendous hardship and resilience. Facing frigid weather, dangerous routes, and homelessness, these families endure countless challenges in their pursuit of a better life. The assistance provided by international organizations and the support of indigenous communities is crucial lifelines along their path. By shedding light on their struggles and determination, we hope to foster greater understanding and empathy for the plight of Venezuelan migrants and inspire collaborative efforts to alleviate their suffering.

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