Record-Breaking Greenhouse Gas Levels: New Global Monitoring Initiative Takes Action


Greenhouse Gas
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  • Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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  • The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has launched the Global Greenhouse Gas Watch to bridge the information gaps in monitoring greenhouse gas emissions by harnessing the power of Earth and space data.This initiative aims to bridge the critical information gaps in monitoring greenhouse gas emissions by harnessing the power of Earth and space data.
  • Greenhouse gases are the main cause of climate change and global warming, trapping heat and raising the temperature of our globe.
  • It is time to pay attention to the warning signs and act to lower the heat if we want our planet to live up to its potential.
  • The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has taken a significant step by introducing the Global Greenhouse Gas Watch.
  • This initiative brings together observations from Earth-based monitoring systems and satellite observations from space to provide a comprehensive understanding of greenhouse gas dynamics.
  • The WMO has a wealth of experience in coordinating international collaboration on weather prediction, and the initiative is committed to free and unrestricted data exchange.
  • The warming effect caused by greenhouse gases has seen a steep rise over the years, with carbon dioxide levels showing a significant year-on-year growth and methane experiencing the biggest jump since measurements began.
  • The need for comprehensive monitoring is essential to address the escalating greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The Global Greenhouse Gas Watch is an integrated Earth System framework that accounts for natural sources and sinks of greenhouse gases, both in their current state and how they may change in a rapidly evolving climate.


The global climate issue is worse than it has ever been. The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has issued a warning that the concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have increased to dangerous new heights that exceed any data from the previous 800,000 years. The WMO has introduced the Global Greenhouse Gas Watch as an innovative reaction to this catastrophic situation. By utilising the potential of Earth and space data, this ground-breaking programme seeks to close the critical information gaps in monitoring greenhouse gas emissions. By doing this, the Global Greenhouse Gas Watch promotes the objectives outlined in the Paris Agreement and boosts international efforts to mitigate climate change. Let’s go into the specifics of this important project.

Alarming Greenhouse Gas Levels

Greenhouse gases act as blankets to keep the world warm. They hold heat in the air, much to how a heated blanket keeps us warm on a chilly night. The issue is that these gases are being produced in alarmingly greater quantities, which is bad news for the environment. The main culprits, which are causing a lot of problems, are nitrous oxide, methane, and carbon dioxide.

While the accelerator is stuck, consider moving the accelerator more quickly. That is exactly what is happening with greenhouse gases. An alarming pace of increase in the presence of these gases in our environment. As a result, our world is suffering, as if the temperature were being increased in a pressure cooker. The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has warned that these levels haven’t risen this high in thousands of years. That span of time is really long!

You might wonder why we should be concerned about these gases. After all, they are the primary contributors to climate change and global warming. They act as a heavy blanket, trapping heat and increasing the earth’s temperature. This results in a number of problems, such as ice caps melting, rising sea levels, severe weather, and disrupted ecosystems. It resembles disrupting the world’s delicate balance.

Responding to Disturbingly High Levels of Greenhouse Emissions

The warning signals cannot be ignored any longer. The Earth is trying to tell us something, and it’s time to listen. The disturbingly high levels of emissions from greenhouses should spur action. It’s time to take action, to be assertive, and to effect change. If we want our world to live up to its potential, we must reduce the heat.

Alarmingly high greenhouse gas concentrations are currently present in our atmosphere. Carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide are causing global warming, which will have severe consequences. It’s time to acknowledge the gravity of the situation and move swiftly. It is possible to slow down climate change and protect the environment for future generations. The best acting happens straight away.

Global Greenhouse Gas Watch Begins

The WMO has made a big step by creating the Global Greenhouse Gas Watch in response to the severity of the situation. This new endeavour combines data from satellite observations from orbit and data from Earth-based monitoring systems. The Global Greenhouse Gas Watch seeks to close important knowledge gaps and offer a thorough picture of greenhouse gas dynamics by merging these two data sets and using cutting-edge modelling approaches.

Using WMO’s Knowledge

The WMO has extensive knowledge of organising worldwide cooperation in weather forecasting. The Global Greenhouse Gas Watch is built on the knowledge provided by this group. The WMO is broadening its focus in order to address the urgent problem of greenhouse gas concentrations by building upon current networks and collaborations. This cooperative strategy makes sure that the monitoring activities are extensive and inclusive of all nations.

Unrestricted and Free Data Exchange

The dedication to unrestricted, free, and open data interchange is a key component of the Global Greenhouse Gas Watch. The WMO understands the value of collaboration and open access in successfully monitoring greenhouse gas levels. The effort advances the goals of the Paris Agreement by making the data accessible to all parties. The facilitation of international efforts to mitigate climate change depends on this openness and cooperation.

Sharp Increase in the Effect of Greenhouse Gases

The warming effect brought on by greenhouse gases has rapidly increased over time. The WMO estimates that the warming effect of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide increased by about 50% between 1990 and 2021. Methane levels had the greatest increase ever recorded, while carbon dioxide levels increased significantly year over year. These numbers highlight the pressing need for action to stop the rising greenhouse gas emissions.

The Demand for Thorough Monitoring

Although there has been a lot of progress in our knowledge of the dynamics of greenhouse gases, there are still certain issues that need to be resolved. Further research is needed on elements including the carbon cycle’s impact on the ocean, the land biosphere, and permafrost regions. The Global Greenhouse Gas Watch uses an integrated Earth System architecture to achieve reliable monitoring. This method takes into account both the natural sources and sinks of greenhouse gases in their current configurations as well as potential future changes in a rapidly changing climate.

Supporting the Implementation of the Paris Agreement

The Global Greenhouse Gas Watch is essential to helping the Paris Agreement go into effect. It supplies UNFCCC Parties (the UN climate change convention Secretariat) with the required data to make educated choices by offering useful and timely information on greenhouse gas fluxes. Understanding the efficacy of the climate change mitigation initiatives described in the Paris Agreement depends on monitoring natural sources and sinks.

A Significant Step Towards Combating Climate Change

The introduction of the Global Greenhouse Gas Watch marks a significant development in the fight against climate change. The WMO’s choice to take on this generational challenge shows its dedication to preserving the environment for coming generations. The Global Greenhouse Gas Watch will coordinate global monitoring activities that will give UNFCCC Parties reliable information. Their efforts to slow down climate change and build a sustainable future will be helped by this information.

Timely and Valuable Information

Significant advantages come from the globally coordinated greenhouse gas monitoring made possible by Global Greenhouse Gas Watch. The UNFCCC Parties are better equipped to implement their climate change mitigation plans thanks to the availability of reliable data on greenhouse gas fluxes. They can make wise judgements, put effective policies into place, and take the required actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the help of timely information.

The private sector and the science community have provided strong support

The scientific community and the private sector both recognise the significance of the Global Greenhouse Gas Watch. To support this monitoring project, scientists, organisations, and corporate entities have banded together. Their cooperation represents a group effort to prevent climate change by using solid data. They hope to bring about significant change and promote a sustainable future for everybody through this united front.

Monitoring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions urgently

There is no way to stress how urgent it is to address rising greenhouse gas levels. Emissions that go unchecked significantly endanger both the environment and human health. Extreme weather conditions and rising sea levels are already a result of climate change. To reduce emissions and put sustainable solutions in place, urgent action must be taken. The Global Greenhouse Gas Watch offers the resources and knowledge required to aid in these vital initiatives.

Future Outlook for the Global Greenhouse Gas Monitoring

The Global Greenhouse Gas Watch is a dynamic programme that will constantly change and improve. Technology advances will improve monitoring capacities, resulting in more accurate and comprehensive data on greenhouse gases. Effective monitoring will continue to depend on stakeholder cooperation and information sharing. The project will become more crucial in directing global climate change mitigation strategies as it moves forward.


An important turning point in the fight against climate change has been reached with the introduction of the Global Greenhouse Gas Watch. Increased monitoring efforts are essential as greenhouse gas concentrations approach new highs. Through this programme, Earth and space measurements are combined, closing important knowledge gaps and revealing important information on the dynamics of greenhouse gases. The Paris Agreement’s objectives are supported by the dedication to open and free data sharing. The Global Greenhouse Gas Watch supports international efforts to mitigate climate change by providing policymakers and stakeholders with thorough and reliable information. With this improved comprehension and teamwork, we can work to ensure that our world has a sustainable and resilient future.

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