Leaked documents claim that Russia is jamming American smart bombs in Ukraine


Leaked documents claim that Russia is jamming American smart bombs in Ukraine

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  • Wednesday, April 12, 2023
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  • The Pentagon started delivering sophisticated equipment to Kyiv in December that could turn unguided air-dropped munitions into precision-guided “smart bombs” that might attack Russian targets more precisely.

  • Joint Direct Attack Munitions, or JDAMs, are guided bombs that may be dropped from a variety of aircraft, including bombers and fighters.

  • However, the Joint Staff’s leaked PowerPoint and a U.S. official who requested anonymity to discuss a sensitive matter both claim that the weapons have higher-than-anticipated dud rates and have missed their targets in combat.

  • According to the presentation and a different source with knowledge of the situation who is not affiliated with the U.S. government, a bigger issue is that Russia is interfering with the targeting of the missiles by utilising GPS jamming.

  • American authorities suspect that Russian jamming is to blame for the JDAMs’ and occasionally other American weapons like guided rockets’ misses.

Both sides of the continuing war between Russia and Ukraine have been utilising cutting-edge military technologies to seek an advantage. Leaked documents that claim Russia is jamming American smart bombs in Ukraine have recently come to light. These documents provide important details regarding the performance problems the Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAMs) the Pentagon gave Ukraine had. The significance of Russia’s influence will be clarified by this piece, which will examine the specifics of the released materials.

1. Introduction

With Russia supporting separatist forces in the country’s east, the conflict in Ukraine has been a source of high tension and military activity. In December, the Pentagon began shipping cutting-edge technology, including JDAMs, to boost Ukraine’s defence capabilities. However, according to documents that have emerged, technological problems and claimed Russian intervention have prevented these smart bombs from operating as intended.

2. The JDAMs and Their Purpose

JDAMs, or Joint Direct Attack Munitions, are guided bombs designed to improve the precision of airstrikes. They can be dropped from various aircraft and are capable of turning unguided munitions into smart bombs. The JDAM-Extended Range (JDAM-ER) version supplied to Ukraine offers longer-range capabilities, enabling more accurate targeting of Russian military targets.

3. Performance Issues with JDAMs in Ukraine

According to the leaked documents, the JDAMs delivered to Ukraine have experienced higher-than-anticipated dud rates, resulting in missed targets during combat operations. Some of the bombs failed to detonate because their fuzes were not armed upon discharge. The Ukrainian air force has implemented repairs to ensure proper arming of the bombs.

4. Technical Problems and Proposed Solutions

The leaked documents outline the technical problems encountered by the JDAMs and propose solutions to address these issues. They include detailed schematics of the munition and provide information on failure rates and specific ammunition requirements. The repairs implemented by the Ukrainian Air Force aim to rectify the problems and improve the performance of the smart bombs.

5. Russian Interference and GPS Jamming

The most alarming revelation from the leaked documents is the suspected interference by Russia in the targeting of JDAMs through GPS jamming. The documents suggest that Russian forces are intentionally disrupting the signals used to direct the smart bombs, leading to inaccurate strikes and missed targets. This interference extends to other American weapons, such as guided rockets, further complicating the situation.

6. Expert Opinion on the Situation

Mick Mulroy, a former Pentagon official and retired CIA officer, has expressed his concerns about the Russian jamming. He believes that the JDAMs’ performance issues and their performance in other war zones can be attributed to Russian interference. If the signals used to guide the bombs are being disrupted, it would explain why they are not functioning as expected in Ukraine.

7. Official Responses and Comments

When approached for comments, Boeing, the company responsible for creating the guidance kits for JDAMs, referred inquiries to the American government. Lt. Col. Garron Garn, a spokesman for the Defence Department, declined to provide specific details on the information contained in the leaked documents, citing operational security concerns. He did acknowledge that the United States and its allies had helped Ukraine defend its sovereign territory, though.

8. Conclusion

The leaked documents highlighting the performance issues of JDAMs and the alleged Russian interference through GPS jamming raise significant concerns. The situation underscores the complexities and challenges faced by Ukraine in countering Russian aggression. Efforts are underway to address the technical problems and ensure the smart bombs perform optimally. Meanwhile, the issue of Russian interference must be carefully examined and countered to enhance the effectiveness of the supplied military equipment.

9. Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are JDAMs considered advanced military technology?

JDAMs are indeed advanced military technology. They are guided bombs that significantly enhance the precision of airstrikes.

Q2: Why are the JDAMs not performing as expected in Ukraine?

The leaked documents suggest that the JDAMs in Ukraine have experienced technical issues, resulting in higher dud rates and missed targets. There are also allegations of Russian interference through GPS jamming.

Q3: What is GPS jamming?

GPS jamming refers to the deliberate interference with GPS signals that disrupts the accuracy of navigation and guidance systems that rely on GPS technology.

Q4: How is the Ukrainian Air Force addressing the JDAM performance issues?

The Ukrainian air force has implemented repairs to ensure that the JDAMs’ fuzes are armed properly upon discharge. These repairs aim to rectify the technical problems and improve the smart bombs’ performance.

Q5: What is the response of the American government to the leaked documents?

The American government has refrained from providing specific details on the leaked information, citing operational security concerns. However, they have acknowledged that the United States and its allies’ assistance contributed to Ukraine’s successful defence.


The stolen documents include important details concerning the performance problems JDAMs encountered in Ukraine and the claimed GPS jamming interference by Russia. The predicament serves as a reminder of the complexity of the ongoing fight and the requirement for ongoing advancements in defence capabilities. The technological issues are being addressed, and measures are being taken to thwart Russian meddling, guaranteeing that the provided military equipment serves Ukraine’s defence properly.

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