Dubai Duty Free Cultivates Green Initiatives: Planting Seeds of Sustainability


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Friday, January 19, 2024
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  • Dubai Duty Free Cultivates Green Initiatives, in collaboration with the Dubai Police Academy and Zayed International Foundation for the Environment, has launched its 2024 tree planting initiative at Hemaya School.
  • This initiative, aligning with the broader Tree Planting Initiative, aims to sow 100,000 trees across the UAE.
  • Colm McLoughlin, Dubai Duty Free’s CEO, expressed pride in the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • The event, attended by school children, senior management, and officials, marked the planting of 30 Ghaf tree seedlings, initiating the growth of 300 trees at Hemaya School.
  • Dubai Duty Free has already planted 454 trees in its name across Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, reinforcing its dedication to a sustainable and green future.

Dubai Duty Free is taking a noteworthy step toward environmental responsibility by planting trees for the first time in 2024. Forty dedicated workers gathered at the charming Hemaya School in Deira, Dubai, to plant seedlings of the Ghaf tree, which is regarded as the national tree of the United Arab Emirates. This significant undertaking perfectly complements the retailer’s unwavering support of the Tree Planting Initiative, a partnership between the Dubai Police Academy and the Zayed International Foundation for the Environment. The group’s audacious and revolutionary idea is to plant 100,000 trees around the United Arab Emirates, placing them thoughtfully among public spaces such as government buildings, embassies, police stations, and educational facilities.

This tree-planting project is a collaborative effort to plant the seeds of sustainability, going beyond a simple ecological gesture. By taking the lead in this large-scale environmental project, Dubai Duty Free is demonstrating its commitment to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future for the United Arab Emirates. Deeply ingrained in the national identity, the Ghaf tree’s selection lends a touch of cultural importance to this significant environmental project.

Hemaya School’s Green Initiatives: Planting Sustainability Seeds

Thirty Ghaf tree seedlings found a new home during this symbolic tree planting event, marking the beginning of a larger and more revolutionary effort. Hemaya School is about to embark on a verdant legacy under the prestigious auspice of Dubai Duty Free. The 300 Ghaf trees, each seedling signifying a common commitment to a greener and more sustainable future, are flourishing because of the dedicated crew. This program greatly advances the region’s larger green goal by establishing environmental awareness and stewardship at Hemaya School through the planting of trees.

Dubai Duty Free’s Environmental Commitment: A Responsibilities Pledge

Dubai Duty Free’s CEO and visionary Executive Vice Chairman, Colm McLoughlin, expressed his deep satisfaction with the company’s ongoing commitment to environmental protection. Beyond words, the company demonstrates its commitment by actively supporting green initiatives run by well-known UAE organizations like the Dubai Police Academy and the Zayed International Foundation for the Environment. Dubai Duty Free is deeply committed to acting as a responsible store, going above and beyond simple corporate responsibility. The corporation fulfills its responsibility as a custodian of environmentally responsible practices and sustainable practices by partnering with these prestigious organizations, in addition to making a substantial contribution to the country’s ambitious environmental goals.

A Joint Effort to Promote Community and Responsibility in a Greener Future

The devoted Corporate Responsibility Department Manager, Olympia Pineda, attended the most recent tree-planting event that Dubai Duty Free organized. Working together with representatives from the Zayed International Foundation for the Environment and the Dubai Police Academy, both top management at Hemaya School and schoolchildren actively participated in the event. In addition to being a major step toward environmental sustainability, this cooperative endeavor helped participants feel more connected to one another and more accountable for their actions.

Dubai Duty Free’s growing green legacy is a result of its active participation in this environmentally beneficial project. These programs highlight the significant influence that group efforts can have in creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly future for the United Arab Emirates, as evidenced by the astounding 454 trees that have already been planted in the company’s honor throughout Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah.

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