Welcome to the Africa page of AUN News. This page focuses on stories from the African continent that are relevant to our readers. Here, you will find news and analysis on a wide range of topics, including African politics, economy, culture, conflict, democracy, civil rights, environment, labor, migration, trafficking, trade, regional cooperation, international relations, and more.

We believe that the African continent has much to offer the world, and we are committed to sharing its stories with our readers. Our team of experienced journalists, writers, volunteers, and activists covers events from across the continent, bringing you the latest news and analysis on issues that matter to Africans and the global community.

Our coverage of African politics includes stories on elections, political leaders, and governance. We provide insights into the political landscape of various African countries and highlight important political developments across the continent.

We also cover the African economy, providing an in-depth analysis of the latest economic trends and developments. Our stories cover issues such as economic growth, trade, investment, and development, as well as challenges facing African economies such as debt, corruption, and poverty.

African culture is a rich and diverse tapestry that the mainstream media often overlook. At AUN News, we shine a spotlight on African culture, from traditional music and dance to contemporary art and literature. We also cover cultural events and festivals from across the continent.


Our coverage of African conflict includes stories on the causes, effects, and regulations of conflict on the continent. We provide an analysis of the various conflicts in Africa and their impact on the region and the world.

At AUN News, we believe that democracy and civil rights are essential for Africa’s development. We cover stories on efforts to promote democracy and protect civil rights across the continent, as well as the challenges faced by those working to promote these values.

The African continent is home to some of the world’s most diverse and fragile ecosystems. Our coverage of the environment includes stories on environmental issues such as climate change, deforestation, and wildlife conservation, as well as efforts to protect the environment and promote sustainable development in Africa.

African labor and migration are complex issues that require careful consideration. We cover stories on labor issues such as worker’s rights, employment, and working conditions, as well as migration and trafficking issues in Africa.

Finally, we cover African trade and regional cooperation, providing insights into efforts to promote economic integration and cooperation on the continent. We also cover African international relations, including the continent’s relationships with other regions and countries.

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