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‘Six terrifying minutes’: Man convicted for violent robbery

Mr Ling pleaded guilty to robbery with violence.The man he committed the robbery and bashing with was earlier sentenced to the same term.Sentencing Mr Ling, 29, in Cairns District Court on Tuesday, Judge Ian Dearden noted Mr Ling’s criminal history spanning nine pages.“It was a really nasty and very unpleasant robbery with significant consequences,” Judge Dearden said.The court heard the two men walked with their bikes and the intended victim to a park at Manunda, where Mr Ling went inside the toilet and beckoned the victim in, saying he had a question.“You dragged him into the toilet by his hair and stomped on his face, chest and head, and he screamed ‘stop’ and tried to block you – it took six minutes which would have been quite terrifying,” Judge Dearden said.The pair then fled with the victim’s bike, backpack and phone.The court heard Mr Ling’s rap sheet included two previous charges of robbery with violence and 13 fraud charges.Prosecutor Matt Hancock said it was a premeditated, violent and unprovoked attack and the victim sustained significant injuries.He said Mr Ling was “burdened by a deplorable criminal history’ and had shown poor compliance with community supervision programs.The sentence includes 367 days already spent in custody.Defence barrister Kelly Goodwin said Mr Ling had completed an educational certificate in prison and was working as a kitchenhand.He said Mr Ling ceased his attack once he had possession of the backpack.Mr Goodwin said upon release, Mr Ling intended to live with his mother in Atherton and acquire butchery skills to work in a local abattoir.“He recognises the negative impact of drugs, saying ‘it was my downfall, I am actually over it, and I want to change’,” Mr Goodwin said.Cairns Post where to get

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