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Richmond star’s explosive tattoo revelation

The heavily inked Tiger revealed his most unusual item of body art was the result of a few big weeks in – where else – Bali.“I got a volcano on my arse,” he told the Nova breakfast team last week in an unwise move that immediately saw him dubbed ‘volcano cheeks’ or ‘VC’ for short.“When I was 22 leading up to my draft year I went to Bali, just before the draft, with a few mates and the volcano erupted in Bali and we got stuck there for two or three weeks. “So we were stuck there living it up off travel insurance, having a great old time, so we all went and got a volcano each tattooed on our arse.”The Bali eruption Broad was referring to was in 2015.Broad and his fiance Tayla Damir celebrated their engagement party in Perth last weekend.Broad is not the only AFL identity to use his bum as a canvas.Dane Swan famously had Sam Newman’s face tattooed on his butt cheek.

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