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Popular sunscreens pulled over cancer fears

Product Safety Australia has recalled five products that may have had Benzene accidentally added during manufacturing.Four of the recalled products were made by the Cancer Council and Nivea, which are sold across hundreds of supermarkets, pharmacies, and online stores Australia-wide.Two batches of the Cancer Council’s Sensitive Sunscreen SPF50+ products – the 110ml tube and 200ml pump pack – were officially recalled for containing Benzene.The affected batch number for the tube is 1103178 and the expiry date 1/02/2024. The affected pump bottle batch is 1099751 with a 1/10/2023 expiry date.They were sold between October 1, 2020 and June 1, 2021. Meanwhile, two of Nivea’s Sun Protect and Moisture creams have been officially recalled for the same reasons: the 200ml bottle of SPF30 Moisture Lock cream, and SPF50+ 65ml roll-on sunscreen have been affected. The products come in dark blue packaging with yellow caps and were sold between July 27, 2021 and April 22, 2022.The affected batch number for the 200ml bottle is 12640440-BN, and has the product code 85616. The roll-on batch number is 12669940BN, and product code 86098.They have a 06/2024 expiry date.The recalls come two days after a batch of 2XP SPF50+ Bronze Protect sunscreen Lotion was also recalled for Benzene contamination. The batch number was 1102889 and was sold at Coles in Hawthorne East, Victoria.Product Safety Australia has urged customers to check their sunscreen products, and if they are affected stop using them immediately.Consumers who bought the Cancer Council sunscreens are urged to contact the manufacturer, Vitality Brands Worldwide for a refund.Those who bought the Nivea products can call Nivea Customer services or head to the company’s website to find out about refunds.And people who bought the 2XP sunscreen should contact the place of purchase or Heritage Brands Customer Service to request a refund. Product Safety Australia made the mass recall announcement after Benzene was detected “above the acceptable limit”.“Benzene is classified as a carcinogen (a substance that could potentially cause cancer),” a statement from the PSA said.“Exposure to benzene can be linked to adverse health effects depending on the level and duration of exposure.”

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