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Aussies mock cheesy ‘game show’ debate

Viewers immediately jumped on Twitter to weigh in on the format, which included cheesy sound effects to indicate a speaker was running out of time.While the theatrics weren’t excessively in your face, the inclusion of sound effects and dramatic music definitely generated a “game show vibe” to the crucial debate. Unfortunately for the two speakers, the phone a friend lifeline was not on offer.Comedian Shaun Micallef compared the spectacle to Nine’s Millionaire Hot Seat.But it wasn’t all cynicism and snarky remarks. A number of viewers heaped praise on Seven presenter Mark Riley for his work moderating the debate.After Sunday’s messy display, most were expecting another slanging match. Earlier on Wednesday, Riley said he wanted Seven’s election debate to be better than Nine’s Sunday night “spectacle”. He also attempted to end the debate on a high, asking each leader to reveal what they admired most about their opponent. While Scott Morrison said he admired Mr Albanese never forgetting his roots, he still wrapped his compliment in an insult sandwich and said he refused to believe his opponent knew anything about handling the economy through a turbulent period, and was therefore unfit to be Prime Minister.Seven opted to have the winner decided by undecided voters assembled in pubs in marginal seats around the nation, and opted against having a live audience to focus more directly on the leaders’ answers.The first question went to Anthony Albanese about his vow to raise the minimum wage.The opposition leader said he would support a 5.1 per cent pay rise to match inflation.He says it’s up to the Fair Work Commission, which “makes a decision independent of government”. However, he said he‘d welcome a rise, because “people are doing it tough out there”.He said: “The Fair Work Commission sets wages but the idea that $1, $1, Scott just spoke about the strength of the economy that he says is there. The idea that those heroes of the pandemic, those low wage workers, people on the minimum wage, are cleaners, they‘re people working in the care sector, they’re people who work in retail, they are people who help get us through the pandemic.”Mr Morrison hit back saying, Mr Albanese was being “loose” with the economy.He said: “If Mr Albanese thinks small businesses around the country can have a 5 per cent increase in their wages bill on top of all the other things they‘re facing and see their ability to come through then people won’t be worrying about what their wages are, they will be worrying about whether they have a job.“You know, you just can‘t be loose with the economy with things like this. You’ve got to be understanding all the moving parts and there are more moving parts in our economy than ever before, with the pressures on global pressures for rising interest rates and inflation.“And a 5.1% increase, which the leader of the opposition has advocated, he may be trying to walk it back now, that would up inflation and interest rates.”

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